Value Proposition

Patented Product

• Patents have been established after years of work with Fieldfisher law firm based in the UK. The process is not easily replicated.

Cheap and Quick Process

• The Cycladex process uses relatively cheap and easily accessible chemicals. The time to process each batch of materials is significantly shorter than for the cyanide process.

What’s the difference?

• Cycladex is using known chemicals, the difference being to get the reacting chemicals to the right place at the right time to effectively leach precious metals.  Recovery of gold uses α-cyclodextrin (a starch extracted from corn).

Cycladex process can target new opportunities

• The Cycladex process can target existing and new resources;
• Tailings that aren’t economic using cyanide
• Countries where cyanide is banned (e.g. Spain)
• Deposits with refractory ore (where gold is enclosed by other minerals that cannot be easily leached)

Simple Business Model

• Revenues initially to be generated through Royalties and sale of licenses •

Further out, reusable mobile plants may be employed

• The Cycladex process could use mobile plants for multi-use at several different sites with pre-prepared feed (e.g. tailings)