Latest Headlines:

Non-exclusive license signed with “MCME” For Mauritania

Cycladex Ltd Constructs First U.S. Manufacturing Facility and
 Introduces New Metal Isolation Technology and Community Gold Mining TM Initiative

Glen Eagle Resources Licenses Cycladex Innovative Technology

Cyanco and Cycladex Announce Strategic Technology Commercialization Partnership

Mexico Plan Demonstration Unit Completed

Cycladex and Triple 7 Mining, complete scale-up trials, begin construction of commercial gold leaching plant.

Company Overview

Cycladex provides an alternative to the use of cyanide in precious metals extraction with a ‘disruptive’ new chemical process/flowsheet that promises to obviate community concerns and objections to mining projects.  It also has the potential to ‘unlock’ certain stranded gold deposits and difficult-to-treat, gold-bearing materials and promises lower capital and operating costs and a lower overall environmental footprint.

Key Points

  • Cycladex has developed a process (patented) which will reduce operating and capital costs by 30-50% with a shorter processing time than that for the more traditional cyanide route, and using more environmentally friendly chemicals without waste water or toxic waste issues
  • Existing facilities can be modified easily to run the process; a simple switch rather than costly changes.
  • Demonstrated on 20 ores sourced from around the world
  • Process has been scaled up and technology transferred to large mining operations
  • No waste water issues, key chemicals recycled
  • Improved process economics may allow formerly uneconomic deposits (tailings and refractory ores) to be brought into production.
  • Demonstration and scale-up is currently in progress