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Cycladex Ltd Discovers New Process For Lithium

Company Overview

Cycladex has developed a series of technologies for the isolation of important metals including gold, silver and our newest discovery a process for lithium. The Technology has been scaled up in our demonstration plant in the US and the results show significantly lower costs with environmentally friendly chemicals with excellent yields.

Key Points

Gold and Silver
  • Cycladex has developed a process (patented) which will reduce operating and capital costs by 30-50% with a shorter processing time than that for the more traditional cyanide route, and using more environmentally friendly chemicals without waste water or toxic waste issues
  • Over 100 MT of ore has been processed in Cycladex’s plant in the US including tailings
  • A 350 MT per day plant is close to commissioning Africa
  • Demonstrated on 40 ores sourced from around the world
  • Discovered and developed new technology for isolating lithium from ore and potentially spent batteries
  • Using environmentally friendly chemicals, the process involves zero waste
  • Lithium Carbonate is made using carbon dioxide after the lithium salt isolation
  • Battery manufacturers will be offered carbon dioxide credits with their lithium carbonate
  • Significantly reduced CAPEX and OPEX
  • Scaled at 2 MT batches generating 400 gm (13 Oz) of lithium per ton of ore which is equivalent to 4200 gm (140 Oz) of lithium carbonate per metric ton of ore.